party! party!. . just not the political kind please

Hi everyone i am not very political but i cannot let recent elections in poland and england go by without a small comment. Here in Poland i have been listening for almost a week to people in the village bitchin about the results of the polish presidential election and whilst i smile politely and nod […]

Trip to Poznan

Hi everyone the other day i had an interview in Poznan for my new school,i went for casual but elegant look and i took Paul along with me because i know how much he loves to ride on my countrys fantastic rail network!!! Jeans-BIGSTAR,shirt-no name,jacket-NEXT,Shoes-WAREHOUSE,bag-MANGO Choo fucking choo….. When i agreed to accompany my wife […]

courgette,tomato and pepper soup

Hi everyone yesterday we suffered some unusually cold weather in poland for this time of year so i decided to make some nice warming soup. This particular one is my Pauls favourite so why not try it for yourselves ? Its quick and easy to make and healthy too . . .enjoy !! INGREIDIENTS: 2 […]

I’ll just “pop” down the shops !

Hey everyone today us country bumpkins had a shopping trip to the local city szczecin. When i say local i don’t mean it in the english sense because in dear old anglia we have our own private sense of scale. . local shops, local pubs are mere minutes away and are required conveniences. In my […]

look whos farming (konrads day)

Well my day begins when my mummys alarm rudely interrupts my sleep (how selfish is she?) i love my mum but she really needs to do something about it. Anyway my mum leaves me in bed with my dad (who i must add at this point regularly disturbs my sleep with his elephant like snoring) […]

I hate disco polo. . .well sort of

Hi everyone todays subject is modern mans existencial dilemma(only kidding) i wanna talk to you about one of the things i hate about my adopted country… Disco polo…this is an all encapsulating term for polish pop music. Now anybody that knows me will be able to tell you that i HATE the english variety which […]